Mission One: Saving Grace

Maxamilian Reine
Rowan Stormwolf
||1000 EXP || 4 RENOWN || 5 REQUISITION ||
Reputation: Erik “liked”
Reputation: Watch Master “Disliked”
Reputation: Commander Matthews “Disliked”
Reputation: Inquisitor Octavian “Concerned”
After Action Report

1116 6 240 561 41M
The kill team arrived at Watch Station Erioch
The kill team was assigned to the command of Inquisitor Octavian on arrival. The Watch Master and Commander Matthews were present to greet the kill team, but the kill team was left quickly to return to more important duties.

1120 6 240 561 41M
The kill team was assigned to the mission code name “Saving Grace” as an unofficial and non-disclosed training mission.

1143 6 240 561 41M
Amyntas lost a dual with Erik at the firing range after inquiring of the credibility of Inquisitor Octavian.

1540 6 240 561 41M
The kill team was loaded up and sent to a known abandoned mining city on planet Freya. Xenos were dispatched in predictable patterns from our known Xenos containment to test the kill team.

1720 6 240 561 41M
All Xenos killed. Kill team sustained major injuries.

Combat Review and Assessment (CRA): 0.1 , 2.4 , 4.0 , 2.1 [all ratings out of 10.0]
Final CRA: 2.15
Written Conclusion: Kill team not ready for combat.
Final Advice: Kill team requires teamwork and tactical instruction. Assigned instructor: Inquisitor Octavian



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