Brother Armel

The Ghost of the Watch

Reputation: Unknown
WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel
Raw 33 47 42 37 50 40 43 37 46
Final Bonus

Brother Armel has not been seen at any of the watch stations since his last official mission, to purge the Hive city “Adalardo” of it’s Xenos infestation. Armel and his killteam, along with one other kill team, completed the mission quickly and effectively. Most of the city was reduced to ruble and more than 156,000 innocents were saved. The mission took a total of 26 days to complete.

At the end of his last mission, Armel did not return with his kill team. His kill team claimed that he was alive and pure, but could not be convinced to return to duty. Branded a deserter, Deathwatch Chaplain Grom lead a kill team to find him, with the assistance of Scout Master Hector. After three days of searching, including the assistance of a skilled Psycher, Armel could not be found.

Armel has not been without contact however, and on three occasions kill teams have gone on missions only to find that they had already been completed by Armel, and he simply made no report of it.

Armel has become a pleasant dinner tale for the battle brothers of the watch. But Armel’s near sighted actions have created turmoil that extends far beyond the reach itself.

  • After 10 years of absence, he has been declared a deserter of the watch by the Master of the Watch himself. This behavior is nearly unheard of, and if found, Armel will likely be executed after brief questioning of his actions. It is necessary that the watch find Armel to redeem their honor for his desertion and learn why he took such drastic actions.
  • Armel’s refusal to maintain contact with the inquisition, and readiness to evade all attempts to contact him, has caused the Ordo Hereticus to brand him a traitor despite the normal protection that his former service to the Ordo Xenos may have offered him. Little is known of the steps the Ordo Hereticus is taking to find him, but they believe he must be executed before the Watch finds him and exposes themselves to his taint. There is rumor that the Ordo Mallious has also gotten involved.
  • Simply the concept that Armel (a former Dark Angel) could abandon his battle brothers, or take any action worthy of the attention of the Ordo Hereticus, is a matter of complete embarrassment to the Dark Angels. They have personally arrived in this sector, led by one of their very own Interrogator Chaplens, in an attempt to assist in locating Armel and clearing up the misunderstanding surrounding his disappearance. The Dark Angels are not working closely with the Watch however, as they claim it is most likely that Armel would abandon his post if he suspected corruption within the watch itself.

Brother Armel

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