Inquisitor Julius [Deceased]

Confirmed Murdered, killer not found.


Inquisitor Julius of the Ordo Malleus was widely liked and much respected among the members of the inquisition. It wasn’t that he possessed great power, or had a reliable judgment and keen insight, but Julius was reputable for his desire to help. Never did he ask for aide, but always he offered it, both to whole planets and to individual inquisitors.

Inquisitor Vallus considered Julius to be too soft, especially for a member of the Ordo Malleus, but in spite of this, Julius had an acceptable performance record, and the full support of his friend Inquisitor Nicola. Inquisitor Lord Paul was also grateful to have Julius in his sector, because he knew that Julius was far too caring to keep secrets, and far too obedient to take a job lightly.

His last mission before his untimely demise, was to the hive world known as “Vanity”. This was a highly classified mission, but records indicate that it was a recovery mission of some kind, and resulted in failure.

This mission was 7 months ago, but was only two weeks before Julius was found just outside his private quarters with a hole burned through his head by some sort of plasma weapon. Security systems had been adjusted during the event, and no other evidence was left. Nicola has been reclusive at the loss of Julius, and has placed every resource the Officio Assassinorum can spare for such a task into the investigation of Julius’ death with no progress. Lord Inquisitor Paul has also offered a “great reward” to whoever can bring proof of the killer.

Inquisitor Vallus has made the statement that he believes Nicola did it himself, but none have supported this claim. Still, the nature of this murder has left the majority of the inquisition on edge, or in some cases in anger. For a murder to be done so clearly, and to an inquisitor, it’s almost as if the killer were boasting, and wished to instill fear in his enemies.

Inquisitor Julius [Deceased]

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