Inquisitor Nicola

The master Assassin


Inquisitor Nicola has a reputation for being void of emotion and ruthless in execution. And as an inquisitor with the greatest assassins of the empire prepared to kill at the smallest gesture of his hand, it is said that debating with Nicola is as fruitful as pleading with death itself. Nicola has no grand view, and no lengthy expectations, which has proven his responsiveness to be an irreplaceable asset to the deathwatch.

Inquisitor Nicola is also famed for his secrecy. He may be contacted, and it is known that he responds, yet none recall his face. On the rare occasion that Nicola has met someone in person, it has been with a heavy mask and voice scrambler. Some even believe that he is actually a she, because the few that have visited his private quarters or office, have brought back tales of the glorious displays of artwork, fine dining, and exotic weaponry.

Inquisitor Vallus, has made a public deceleration that Nicola is in fact a heretic of immeasurable severity, but none have supported his claim as he has not been able to present reasonable evidence. Still, these accusations have caused Nicola to be even more secretive than he/she ever was before, and refuses to make contact with, much less help in battle, the “outrageous” Inquisitor vallus.

Inquisitor Nicola

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