Inquisitor Octavian

The "Frail Watch Captain"

Reputation: Concerned
WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel
Final Bonus

Inquisitor Octavian is known for his kindness and patience. His acolytes are very different from most, and tend to be free thinkers. It is in fact his own acolytes that have taken to calling him “Frail Watch Captain” due to his frequent assignment leading kill teams. Other inquisitors have made comment to him that this behavior should be punished, but this seems to be the only thing that he responds harshly too: “They are my acolytes, and I shall do with them as I see best. Worry about your own duties, and you will find you may perform them better.”

Octavian is often assigned to lead kill teams, due to the fact that his patient and non commanding behavior often gives the kill teams the freedom to accomplish their task how they see fit, while still having the security of knowing an inquisitor is in orbit above them and is readily able to provide support when needed. Octavian finds this arrangement to be most helpful, as it means his own research and missions receive more funding, and he has the added security of knowing there are marines on his vessel if things go bad.

Inquisitor Octavian

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