Inquisitor Vallus

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Inquisitor Vallus is a man of reputation at the age of 160 years old. He is a cold and calculating personality, and is said to be impossible to surprise.

Vallus views the actions of psykers to be a matter of great value if used correctly, but believes that those with psychic ability are inferior to other humans, as their connection to the warp leaves them weak and impure.

Vallus believes that no man is above the law, and has in the past been known to persecute even other inquisitors if he believes they have strayed from their faith. This also comes with an unusual tendency to challenge authority and “well known facts,” as Vallus pushes to leave no stone unturned in his quest to cleanse the galaxy. Vallus is not unaware that his intentions and means are unreasonable, but believes that any failure or hardship he meets on the way is only a chance to expand his skill and knowledge.

Inquisitor Vallus is said to have gained most of his experience from his complete lack of need for sleep. As early in his career as an inquisitor, he was given the opportunity to have a series of neural and muscular implants that would remove this need from his body, and he accepted saying “The enemy is never resting, so neither shall I.”

Vallus is one of few inquisitors with his own trained force of storm troopers. He takes great pride in his specialized training for fighting Xenos, and his men are known for their exceptional bravery. Vallus transports them in his personal carrier, just one more of his many symbols of incredible status.

Inquisitor Vallus

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