Master of the Watch

The voice of death

Reputation: Disliked
WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel
Final Bonus

The Master of the watch, previously known as (Data Corrupted), is a soldier of great skill. He believes firmly in precision, speed, and endurance. Possess those qualities, he says, and there is no foe you cannot defeat.

He is responsible for arming and guiding the Deathwatch in this sector. He reports directly to the inquisitor lord, but is not considered to be beneath him. He does not have an open door policy, and he is not known for being personable. If you wish to contact your “friendly” Watch Master, you must submit a request and wait until he contacts you. He believes that this filters out any unnecessary chatter that would be more suited for one of his watch commanders to handle.

The Watch Master takes kindly the Mathews, and seems to provide him and his kill team with hand selected missions, bypassing the usual mission board (a system that the previous watch master installed shortly before his untimely demise)

The Watch Master received his promotion when (Data Corrupted)

(Data Corrupted)

Master of the Watch

Sacrifice Fletcher