Checks for investigations

research checks are usually made between game sessions, and success will frequently result in more information being posted in the wiki or on character profiles. It is highly recommended that you read the wiki and character profiles. New information will always be added with a date stamp and to the bottom of the page if it was added AFTER the first game day. please note that this is VERY IMPORTANT as doing your own research and “asking questions” is what will allow your kill-team to go above and beyond the call of duty. Please see the Ask Questions wiki

Aided Research

Learning through observation: Scrutiny (Per) (difficulty varies greatly)
Learning through Guided questioning: Inquiry (Fel). Arduous (-40) with additional modifiers based reputation with that character (+0 if unknown). A Deathwatch marine may choose to substitute their reputation with Hector instead of their reputation with the character they are researching. Multiple checks may be required to learn everything, and some information may not be accessible at the time of the check. researching a subject rather than a person may still be done using the reputation of Hector or whoever else is most qualified.
Shadowing: This should only be used in extreme circumstances, as getting caught could result in great punishment. But one should never under estimate what they may learn simply from following someone. This is a high-risk high-reward research method, and is not done during a game session unless it is specific to a mission.

Computer Research

Hacking: The computer terminal on watch station Erioch may be hacked (Tech Use), but meaningful information may require several degrees of success. But it’s knowledge is vast.
Knowledge research: This check is made using the respective knowledge you are researching, the difficulty and reward varies greatly depending on what you are trying to learn, but this is a good tool if you desire to confirm suspicions, or satisfy doubts.

Checks for investigations

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