Hector's Endaevour

This planet was previously known as “The Arena” as it was used by the Deathwatch as a training ground. It was known to have a strong indigenous population of Xenos, and was used to help kill teams learn how to work together with their new members. It was on such an occasion that contact was lost with Hector’s kill team on his first arrival to the Reach.

Rescue parties were dispatched immediately, and within just 7 hours, the lost kill-team’s squad leader was found dead, and pieces of Astartes power armor were found nearby. After 24-hours, the kill team was officially reported M.I.A.

Most of the watch held little concern. On the actual battlefield, a kill team is expected to survive a minimum of a week without any contact or instruction. But the fact that this occurred on a training mission is what caused the sudden concern in the eyes of those orbiting the planet.

It was exactly 149 hours later that their kill team was finally located again. Hector had taken command, and lead an attack on what seemed to be a hive of xenos that they had not yet encountered. His kill team made it in and caused significant damage to their colony, but was unable to find the queen before having to pull out due to injuries. The team was located by means of a forest fire that one of the members created. For his swift action, Hector was honored and had the planet named after him before it was declared “Unfit for training with possible feral xenos infestation”

Hector's Endaevour

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