Hive Fleet Titan

Hive Fleet Titan recently presented itself to the sector as a major threat. Fortunately the threat is limited as the hive fleet can only spread so fast. It is believed that this is merely a splinter of the main hive fleet, lost and a long way off in space. Still, the Tyranids should never be under estimated, and their need to consume is endless.

The Deathwatch has already had to hold hive fleets off in ground battles twice before, leading to a successful planetary defense, but more planets than that have been lost to their great hunger, as the Deathwatch is not always able to predict their movements, and the Tyranids do not allow for aid in response to an invasion because of their shadow in the warp.

Hive Fleet Titan, unlike most Tyranids, exhibits many of the assault characteristics of an invasion faster than most Tyranids. It is capable of creating complex biomorphs at an alarming rate, and was in fact named after it’s incredible rate of development for creating titanic figures such as hive tyrants, and carnifex’s. It is also known for overpowering and destroying a planet’s population before going far into the absorption process. Hive Fleet Titan is possibly one of the slowest Tyranid hive fleets, but one of the hardest to defend from.

This Hive Fleet’s colors are a light blue skin, with dark blue plating.

Hive Fleet Titan

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