Mission Class

Every mission will have a different classification. These classifications indicate how related the mission is to the main story line. This is not to say that a filler or side mission cannot have great late game effect, but it does mean that if you don’t take it then you won’t be missing anything except for the joy of the mission.

Critical – These missions are part of the main story and have time constraints. If ignored for too long the party will eventually be forced to take them, but they will be rich with information. On rare occasions, a critical mission will be assigned to another kill team however, leaving the players to rely on mission reports (perhaps needing investigation checks) and word of mouth to get the information they need.

Standard – These missions are primarily as filler. They will progress character personalities, provide players with greater reputation, equipment, or a fresh side plot. These missions do not need to be completed for the sake of the main story, and will thus be assigned to other kill teams if left alone for too long.

Comic – These missions are intended to break up the serious play. They are not intended to be approached with heartless attitude or a strong focus on silly things like plot. Rather, these missions are meant to be an outlet for the strange and unusual, or perhaps an easy setup for an odd game mechanic without the need for good explanation. These missions do not go away over time, and are a great way for players to just relax and have fun without worry of plot or characters, especially if a large number of the party is missing. So if you’re looking to help Murdock Holmes hunt down the Hound of Baskercity, or to search old tombs for clues to the emperors grail before it is taken by Warboss Sour-on, then this is the category for you.

Mission Class

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