Role playing and rewards

Role playing is important and will result in getting bonus fate points. The Emperor Likes it when his marines act like marines.

Good role playing will often result in turmoil as one chapter fails to get along with another. This will still reward fate points in accordance with the standards for role playing your chapter or your personal demeanor/history, but will also lose squad cohesion. This means that if there is a lone wolf in the party, he will truly become mighty, but his fellow marines may hate him for it. Their response to the selfish marine may earn themselves fate points, or perhaps even recover cohesion, so be sure to keep your character in mind in all situations.

On the other side of the coin: bad role playing will result in a temporary LOSS of fate points. Bad role playing is not only making a decision against your chapter or character, but also includes meta gaming and any conversation that is either not related to the game, or disrupts the current flow/attitude. Such as starting conversation while another player is taking their turn, even if game related.

Another example of bad role playing: exchanging information during combat. If it is not your turn, then you may not speak more than short statements like “Do you have this under control?” or “Remember I’m on over watch.” but discussion of an over all strategy like “If I hold the door, can you come in through the window?” must be spread across the turns of all those involved in the discussion. In this case of bad role playing, the GM will warn you if you are about to lose a turn due to unnecessary dialogue, but you may spend a fate point to allow full conversation until this topic is fully discussed. The option to spend a fate point is due to the fact that The Emperor does prefer it when his marines work together, and will pull strings on the minds of kill teams if he needs them to act fast.

Role playing and rewards

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