Watch Station Erioch


This watch station possesses the greatest amount of history. It is assumed to have been built during the first crusade due to similarities in architecture, but research is showing that it is built with a precision and planning far superior to anything the emperium was able to construct during that time. Not to mention it’s location, and complete lack of records, indicate that there is far more to it than meets the eye. This relic has become a matter of great interest to the inquisition, and the watch found it far easier to simply use it as a base of operations, rather than try and hold research expeditions over it’s vast surface.

The entirety of the watch station is a large mechanical planet. The pieces are both mounted to, and maintain orbit around, the stations core. This core keeps the station powered as well as providing a strong gravity field, causing the stations natural gravity to be approximately 65% of Terra’s on it’s outer surface, but approaching the center one will find the gravity to get much stronger.

The majority of the station is held with normal atmospheric pressure and oxygen with other trace elements; The station has a camera system that is operational in some locations; The station possesses a communication network and data warehouse that lacks a central location; and the station has security systems with functional IA that has even held conversation in the past. All of these functions, were that way when The Inquisition found it.

The Core

The core of Watch Station Erioch is a fully self sustained power source of unknown design. The energy it produces is vast, and with incredible efficiency. Despite it’s near complete exposure to space, it glows blue and produces so little heat and radiation that observation may be performed with minimal protection from a distance as close as one mile. If you wish to stay within the confines of the station, then you may get within 15 meters of the cores farthest edge, where most of the monitoring equipment is located.

No one knows how to read the dials or what they mean, but they are being watched with tireless eyes and every motion recorded. The greatest variation within a single dial was 7%, and it lasted exactly 13 seconds.

The AI

The AI located on Watch Station Erioch was fully functional when The Inquisition arrived, and in fact welcomed them and provided full docking and climate control. The AI controls a variety of security systems throughout the Watch station, and some surface to space weapons as well. The AI has been very helpful to the inquisition in making sure that the details of their stay are of no concern, and the AI has claimed to be monitoring and controlling the station’s core.

The AI is also a matter of great frustration however, as it “plays dumb” whenever questions are asked about the station. Several attempts have been made to restrict or even remove the control of the AI, and access it’s knowledge base, but these have been met with little to now success. Troops stationed on the watch station are however assured that The Inquisition is fully capable of shutting down the AI in an emergency, but it would cause a loss of access to their data network as well as possible malfunctions in the climate control and loss of function to many of the stations more complicated features.

The crust and the labyrinth

Watch Station Erioch possess a near planet sized amount of rooms and passages known as “The crust.” This have nearly all been explored and mapped, but the inquisitorial presence is actually only in a few choice locations confined around transportation hubs. These hubs provide access to on demand high speed rails, and are capable of rapidly taking even a full squad of marines to any other hub on the surface, or to any hub near the core.

Transportation to the core may only be made along the rail tunnels however, as there is a layer to the watch station just below the crust that is a massive labyrinth of moving tunnels and rooms. Passage through this labyrinth is impossible, as the motions are unpredictable even if slow, so travel would result in getting lost without hope of recovery. The Inquisition has learned this more than once.

It is known that there is a xenos presence throughout the crust and the labyrinth, but they have not bothered the Inquisition and sightings larger than the average mouse are few and far between. Still, those who find themselves wandering in or near an unpopulated area of the crust are instructed to be on their guard.

The pillar of Secrets

Near the core of the planet is an unbreachable pillar with many doors. The doors remain mostly locked but some have opened for short times. Upon every opening the inquisition finds a great deal of imperial relics intermingled with xenos artifacts. But what is perhaps more interesting is the fact that the entire pillar is moving like clockwork and appears to be counting down to something. The Inquisition believes that it is counting down to the point in time in which the final, and largest, door will open. Some have been known to burst out jabbering like school children at their excitement over the pillar of secrets, as the countdown to the final door is drawing very near.

The armory

The armory of Watch Station Erioch is a unique location for user by deathwatch marines. If they poses the required requisition for an item (gained through rank, fame, and experience) then they may check it out, or check an item back in to have it’s value in requisition returned.

*Easter egg questions for the Ask Questions wiki: What exactly has been retrieved from the pillar? What is the moving labyrinth for? Why is the deathwatch not making a greater effort to clear their own watch station? Don’t forget to look and find your own questions throughout the Reach! “Blessed is the mind too small for doubt” But if your adventure was blessed, it wouldn’t be a challenge, so make sure you’re ready for what comes.

Watch Station Erioch

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