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OOC: This game is built using mostly the Jericho Reach Map. Why? Because it’s easy. But don’t expect to find any of the characters in here, in fact, the entire crusade is not in this sector. Please make note of the fact that you may have received an invite despite your great distance from the play location, this is because we are working on a way to allow players to join from any location. Distance alone will not stop the Deathwatch from selecting only the best battle brothers. And I would like to introduce you to one of the greatest steps: The Battle Map It can be viewed by any number of people at once, and edited by the DM in real time. The battle map can be any size, any shape, and has no limit to its detail save time. Not to mention a built in chat room and comments system. I am working on creating a standardized tile set, which would allow detailed maps to be thrown together on the fly, as the terrors of the reach require.

Jericho map

Available Missions:

For the Glory of the Blood Talons Standard