Inquisitor "Helldiver" Logan

Warhound of the Ordo Militum


Logan was a proud warrior of the 31st Harakoni Warhawks imperial guard regiment. He was a member of the advanced drop troops in battling the Tau on Medusa V and was commended for his incredible performance, only to later be selected by the Ordo Militum as a possible up and coming inquisitor. And after years of careful watch and trials, Logan was accepted into the inquisitorial ranks at the age of 67.

Logan is now 149 years old, and has established his bitterness toward paperwork and rules. Due to the circumstances of his recruitment, and the size of the Ordo he is in, he was never held with much respect for his ability to plan or work through political systems, so he tended to simply go with the expectations of others and be that war bound inquisitor on the sidelines. Not only was this new course easier for him, but he had more fun doing it, though he occasionally does despair over the “dishonorable” or “foolish” actions of the other inquisitors.

Logan is known for actions that some would consider “radical.” He has in the past made deals with lesser Aliens and honored them, and in many cases even accepted trade from Eldar and Tau. However, though he does not believe in swift persecution, he considers himself of far stronger faith than most inquisitors, and will occasionally grumble about inquisitors seeking to avoid the challenges that the emperor has so graciously given them so that they may improve.

Logan is known for his close ties with the Adeptus Mechanicus, and dons his own decorative carapace armor and special order weapons. It is also known that Logan has a wide range of cybernetic implants, but few know to what degree.

The Watch Master recommends that kill teams be on good terms with Logan, as despite his lack of respect from his peers, he is the only one in the reach that can truly say that the Imperial Guard and the Imperial Navy are at his beck and call. This makes him one of the most powerful figures in the reach.

Inquisitor "Helldiver" Logan

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