Inquisitor Lord Paul

Lord of the reach


Despite his exceptionally young age of 53, Inquisitor Paul has proven a hundred fold why he earned his rank. His former service to the Ordo Hereticus is as much legend as truth, as the most mundane things could be false, while the wildest claims stand true against all scrutiny. Though most of his history is a well kept secret, some things are well known among the inquisitors of the reach, most prominently is his old nickname: “Adeptus Exterminatus” though the tales of how he earned such a name vary greatly. The seemingly likely cause, are his close ties with the Adeptus Arbites as well as the Adeptus Sororitas.

Inquisitor Paul has been known to speak kindly of psychers, and some suspect has even employed rogue psychers, promising protection from the inquisitorial eye as a form of payment. When confronted with such accusations, he makes no claim of truth or fiction, but instead states that focus should be placed on the will of the emperor, and the duty to which each of his subjects is called. “…And when the time comes that you are the judge of me in your own mind, may it only be truth of deed by which you judge.” Some inquisitors do not find this response to be even slightly satisfactory, especially as he is a known psychic, but has never used his power on official record.

Inquisitor Lord Paul

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