Sovereign is an unusual planet. It is a feudal world, but unlike most anywhere else in the galaxy, it is nearly untouched by the inquisition. The inquisition believes that in this case, ignorance is their greatest defense. So although the inquisition will keep an eye on the planet, they will avoid interfering unless clear signs of chaos influence arise.

When this chaos influence does occur, the inquisition favors discrete missions to maintain the ignorance of the population. Often having acolytes enter the planet using local equipment and declaring themselves assassins or mercenaries. On rare occasions they have had kill marines enter the planet in white robes with steel swords and no armor, posing as divine beings of righteousness to lead an army of pure warriors in a show of force to prove that the pursuit of evil and dishonorable actions will only lead to complete ruin. Those of abnormally noble character, have also been known to be granted gifts by these pure beings of the heavens.

The result of this approach has lead to an incredibly honor bound planet. And it has become a great place of recruitment for acolytes of the Jericho reach.

This is all made possible by the fact that the native language is in fact an only slightly altered version of high gothic.


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